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Our patented male "T" connection is designed for quick and easy installation. The 12" connection height allows for easy installation and removal by limiting the surface area in which contact is made. Thus reducing "hang-ups" when setting the barriers in place or removing them. The chamfered ends allow for an increased radius or inclining/declining grade change.
Custom pre-drilled inserts allow for the installation of traffic delineators, reflectors, signage, etc. without the hassle of field modification.
Like our male "T" connection, the female tube or "locking" connection completes the positive lock T-Lok design. Though simple, the design is highly effective.
Utilizing the "F" Shape barrier design allows for a range of custom applications and special barrier designs. Rockingham Precast has the ability to create a T-LOK® design that meets the customer's needs with our in-house design team, fabrication facility and manufacturing team.