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The T-LOK® concrete barrier system, created in the late nineties, serves as an outlet to utilize products and services already manufactured by the Conmat Group of companies. The original patented T-LOK® connection design, submitted to the Federal Highway Administration for approval in August of 1997, uses a 12-foot F-Shape concrete Barrier.

In October of the same year, the FHWA accepted the design and approved the T-LOK® connection. By completing the NCHRP Report 350 Test 3-11, the connection exceeded the criteria for NCHRP Report 350 TL-3 therefore gaining approval for use on highway projects nationwide. In the years to follow, the product would continue to evolve based on industry feedback and performance. An improved design, now used, has reduced the height of the connection allowing for better ease of installation as well as an increased achievable grade and radius.

Once perfected, the new design was put to the test and a goal was set to achieve AASHTO Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) Test Level-3, also referred to as MASH 08. The T-LOK® connection within an F-Shape barrier met all evaluation criteria and the results yielded a deflection of only 50”. This standard barrier design achieved the MASH rating with no hardware securing it to the surface. A second submission, made to the FHWA in early 2009, requested formal MASH 08 approval. Several months later, the FHWA responded with an approval letter officially acknowledging the successes the T-LOK® had seen.

To date, the T-LOK® F-Shape temporary traffic barrier is the ONLY positive locking application with MASH 08 certification that does not require fastening to the ground surface. T-LOK® is currently approved in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and South Carolina. As well as Ontario Canada, New Zealand and Australia.